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Things to Consider before Installing Automatic Sliding Door System

The automatic sliding doors are highly efficient and safe. They function on a transmitter-receiver system which is beneficial for commercial and industrial buildings. These doors are a technological marvel, and you can install them after consulting the Auto Sliding Door and Sensor Door System Provider. It also adds functionality and style to the building.  

What are Automatic Sliding Doors? 

The automatic sliding doors are effective in handling two-way traffic. These doors are equipped with features that enable the door to swing during emergencies. This feature is called ‘breakaway’ or ‘breakout’. Therefore, these doors are made highly capable with different configurations like the traditional bi-parting ones, telescopic models and single slides. For installing these doors, you need space and room for sliding. A reputed auto sliding gate and auto swing gate manufacturer also embed them with sensors, safety signage and control mats.  

Factors to Consider before Installing Automatic Sliding Doors  

  • Gate construction   

From the concrete track to the guides supporting the gate construction, it is imperative to consider these factors for its smooth functioning. Also, check the gate width and slide space.  

  • Location 


Inspect the areas where you want to install the gate, its strength and durability as well. It should be capable of resisting the damage caused by occasional hazards.   

  • Frequency of use  


Estimating the number of times you will use the gate is also a significant determining factor. Based on this, you can decide what kind of sliding door to opt for. Generally, 50 to 80 duty cycles per day are considered normal use.   

  • Power usage 


Choose the type of sliding door which consumes less power. The motor will power the operations of the sliding doors. If you have no problem spending a lot on electricity, automatic sliding doors are the best option. Hence always ensure to check the power before installing it.   

  • Cost   

 Compare the different prices of the automatic sliding doors and narrow down on your options. While some doors are cheap, they can become expensive to maintain. Hence, it is advisable to buy good quality doors that are sustainable. 

Benefits of Installing Automatic Sliding Doors  

  1. Smooth traffic movement  

If the area is busy with heavy footfall, installing automatic sliding doors is a wise option. Commercial buildings and business zones like shopping malls or airports are busy places. Sliding doors make it comfortable for people to move inside and outside. 


  1. Safety 

These doors are a safe choice. There is a limited risk of stampede or accidents in case of emergencies. The safety sensors and emitter technology allow free movement. 

  1. Conserve energy  

Automatic sliding doors are insulated and keep the building interiors cool. It allows fresh cool air to flow inside the building and the hot, stuffy air moves out. 

  1. Better Hygiene  

In the times of the Covid 19 pandemic, using automatic sliding doors is a safe option. You do not have to touch the door or the handles every time you enter the building. Consequently, it ensures utmost hygiene.   

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