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A Comprehensive Guide About the Automatic Sliding Gates

Since their inception, automatic sliding gates have evolved and become a crucial part of your lives. Be it a private house or commercial property, installing the automatic gates is an excellent choice. It is simplistic, convenient, and easy to use. If you plan to install one for your residence, you should consult the reliable auto sliding gate and auto swing gate manufacturer.

What are Automatic Sliding Gates?

The automatic sliding doors come with high functional features and security parameters. It is frustrating when you have to open the gates or door manually all the time. The automatic doors are practical, convenient, and have a fast system. It provides additional aesthetic value to your home, and even the maintenance is not a great deal. You can set and reset its operating time, making it a great customized system for the house entrance.

Components of the Sliding Gate

  • The core system is the panel or control unit, receiving signals from the control sensors;

  • The single or multiple electric motors which depend on the gate type 

  • A track for the sliding gates   

  • An articulated arm for swing gates

  • The piston located inside the mechanical arm

  • Photocells connect to the control units, detect obstacles and block the opening or closing movement;

  • A remote-control system that allows remote operation of the gates

The Types of Automated Gates

  • Barrier Arm Gate

  • Cantilever Gate

  • Bi-Folding Gate

  • Vertical Lift Gate 

  • Swing Gate

  • Sliding Gate

  • Vertical Lift Gate  

  • Vertical Pivot Gate

Features of a Good Automatic Sliding Door

  1. Easy Installation

Before installing a sliding gate, complete the preparations at your driveway. Flatten the road or dig it out for the gate to work. You can create a pavement for better gate functioning. This method is less complex when compared to the operations of another gate. This way, you can save a lot of money.

  1. Operator sync

The sliding or swinging gates are compatible with the mechanized operating system. They show compliance with sophisticated control systems which the manufacturers embed. Hence, they carefully design the gates in a cost-effective manner without compromising on quality.

Benefits of Installing Automatic Sliding Doors

  1. Convenient

You can enter the property without having to open the gate manually. It is a clear advantage if it is raining outside. Its automatic closing mechanism means you do not have to lock the gate separately.

  1. Secure

These gates come with integrated safety beams, automatic locks, and other facilities which strengthen security.  It renders privacy which is important for every family.

  1. High Property Value

The automatic sliding doors will increase the value of your property if you plan a future sale. It attracts potential buyers, renders an aesthetic appeal and functional benefits.

For more information about automatic sliding doors, consult SRTEC Automation.