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Five Unique Facts You Should Know While Installing Automatic Doors

You always want your home or office to be secured while looking stunning. Automatic Sensor Door System not only provides you with convenience but also improved image, security and accessibility, among many others. Here are some unique facts about Automatic Doors that you should know.

Things You Should Know About Automatic Doors

1. How Do Automatic Doors Work?

Sensors are the most vital part of automatic doors and it is the only thing that signals them to open or close. These sensors detect the motion or pressure of a person or an object that triggers them to function accordingly. 

2. How Do Sensors in Automatic Doors Systems Work?

The different sensor has different functioning way. Some sensors detect someone’s pressure or some object’s weight to function, whereas some detect the motion of individuals approaching the doors. Some sensors also use infrared technology when the image is alerting from its surrounding.

3. Reasons to Use Sensors in Automatic Doors

Using sensors in automatic doors eliminates the need for installing a button for them to work, which won’t be automatic, apparently. With the automatic detection of pressure, motion or change in infrared light, you don’t have to keep your eye on the door. They are also energy-saving and easy to install. 

4. Are Automatic Doors Safe?

Certain rules, regulations and particular requirements need to be met by all the automatic doors. Tests are also conducted to ensure they have no health or safety risks. Regular maintenance check is also performed for ensuring they are safe to use.

5. Different Types of Sensors

Five types of sensors serve different purposes. 

Pressure Sensors: These sensors detect the weight of an individual or an object to cause them open. 

Optical Sensors: Such sensors are the most popular and widely used as well. They detect the motions and are generally fitted at either top side of the doors. 

Radar Movement Sensors: These sensors not just detect motions but also detect the direction they’re approaching from. However, they can only detect a person or an object when moving.

Active Infrared Sensors: These sensors use infrared technology to sense if the transmitter is emitting light using receiver chips and a transmitter. Active Infrared Sensors are generally used to ensure security.

Passive Infrared Movement Sensors: These sensors remember image using infrared technology and the change in images cause doors to open or close.

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