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Everything You Should Know About Electronic Toll Collection System

Electronic Toll collection is a system to collect toll payments electronically, enabling hassle-free Toll collection. It is a far better system than the traditional toll collection, which is inefficient and leads to heavy traffic jams. The manual toll collection also requires manpower.
Here are some facts about the Electronic Toll system you should know.

1. How Does Electronic Toll Collection System Work?

This system uses an RFID reader and is connected to a Central Clearing House (CCH) that the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) operates in consultation with several acquirer banks and NPCIL to facilitate the prompt and smooth transaction process. 

The Electronic Toll collection system is developed in such a way as to determine if the vehicles passing through toll collection points are enrolled in the program. The registered vehicles don’t require stopping, and their accounts get debited electronically.

2. What is FASTag?

FASTag is an NHAI-rolled program for Electronic Toll collection. It is a prepaid tag that allows automatic deduction of Toll charges and lets the vehicles pass through the Toll Plaza without making them wait to receive cash payments. This tag is pasted on the vehicle’s windscreen and 

3. What is the Validity of FASTag?

FASTag remains valid for five years, and once you purchase it, you just need to recharge FASTag according to your requirement. This ensures continuous vehicle movement with interoperable Electronic Toll Collection Services nationwide.

4. What are the Key Benefits of Electronic Toll Management System Solutions?

Electronic Toll collection has helped India in a number of ways, and here are some of the major advantages of this system.

Time-Saving: With no requirement to stop the vehicles for the toll payments, this system ensures faster movement of vehicles; hence, travel time is also reduced.

Reduce Fuel Wastage: Electronic Toll Collection system reduces fuel consumption by eliminating deceleration, acceleration and idling. 

Reduce Congestion: This system reduces the congestion of the toll plaza as no vehicles require to stop for transactions at the toll facility.

Data Collection: With all the details, like vehicle count of the day, date, time etc., recorded electronically, data can be accessed promptly at the fingertips.

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