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4 Ways Boom Barrier and Parking Fee Collection Systems Promotes Safety

Whether it's in a shopping mall or in an apartment, monitoring the continuous entry and exit of cards can be tiring. You'll always find the security guards alert and active. To make things more regulated installing a boom barrier and parking fee collection system is essential.  

A boom barrier makes sure that all passing vehicles are halted at the entry-exit point. Let's assume that the security personnel are off the seat for some work. If a boom barrier is installed at the gate, then the car will have to wait till the security is back. Installing this along with a parking fee collection system can help you catch the smart drivers who try to avoid payment of parking fees! 

Before you go forward with the decision of installing the same, here's a list of benefits. Have a look and take the call.

Benefits of Boom Barrier and Parking Fee Collection Systems

  • Approved Access 24/7

Boom Barrier and Parking Fee Collection System Suppliers ensure that RFID vehicle tag scanners are present in the system. Now a car with no permission tries to enter the premises. What happens then? It gets caught at the gates! Thanks to the smart boom barrier system you've installed. Unquestionably, it provides 24/7 protection from outsiders.

  • Effective Collection of Parking fee

While moving out of a parking place cars try to overtake each other. It becomes difficult for a single security to keep a track of all the cars moving out. Boom barriers and parking fee collection systems suppliers have saved the securities from the hassle. Whenever a car moves out, it gets halted at the exit gate by the boom barrier. The security personnel can collect the parking fees successfully and let the cars move forward in a queue.

  • Security and Data Management

Boom barriers act as high safety tools for apartment buildings. Installing one at the gate of the apartment society ensures that every passing car is checked before letting the same enter the premises. Imposters and burglars stand no chance of entering the surroundings. Moreover, the security personnel is also able to keep a track of the visitors for future references.

  • Contactless Entry, Exit and Collection

Boom barriers and parking fee collection system suppliers have designed this system keeping in mind the no touch policy. Most of the barriers are operated with remotes, sensors or push buttons. Easy and contactless security checking process to ensure your loved ones safety! 

At SRTEC Automation, we provide boom barriers and parking fee collection systems for shopping malls, commercial premises, toll plazas, residences and hotels.  Provide high-end safety and security and ensuring customer satisfaction is our topmost priority.