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How Can You Choose The Right Hand Held Metal Detector?

Ensuring security is a priority at all times. Managing safety in public areas like banks, schools, airports, and malls isn't easy, being high-traffic places. If you are also concerned about the security of your commercial premises, you must consider purchasing a handheld metal detector from a recognised metal detector dealer in India. But you may be doubtful of making such a purchase without any proper knowledge of how to choose the right one for your purpose. These are one of the best ways to detect weapons like knives, guns etc. 

Essential Tips To Find The Right Metal Detector

Make sure to follow these tips when purchasing a handheld metal detector:

Brand: Do your research about the leading brands and companies who can assure you the best product. You can check the reviews on their website and other online platforms. Check the customer testimonials to understand their products' cons and pros.

Detection Ability: It should be able to meet your needs and designed in a way that it must be highly sensitive to detect metal objects. It is the most important point that you cannot compromise on.

Size: This is another important thing you need to consider. Particularly when the designated person to hold the wand is supposed to do this work for a long time. Consider whether they can hold a larger size for such a period of time or smaller ones are preferable. 

Price: You cannot just go to a manufacturer or dealer and close a deal without considering prices elsewhere. People generally set a budget before making any purchase which is important to land a good deal. We suggest establishing a budget first before approaching any dealer. 

Safety: If you need to look for several types of metal in a bag or on a person, you will definitely think of safety. You would prefer to get a device with sufficient power to find the metal without causing any damage to someone using it regularly.

Durability: When purchasing a handheld metal detector, make sure it is sturdy to withstand regular usage. At SRTEC, we deal in highly durable metal detector models that can last for years. It is designed to withstand wear and tear. Besides, also make sure that the product is lightweight to carry for a longer duration.

What is the working principle of handheld metal detectors?

Different metal detectors work differently, but each has a common working principle. They have a wire coil, popular as a transmitter coil. This coil creates a magnetic field around it when the electricity flows through it. When this metal detector moves over a metal object, it changes the electron's orbit in it. Simply put, a metal detector injects a tiny amount of electricity into a metal object. 

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