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Which Automatic Door and Gate is Suitable for Your Property?

Automatic doors and gates are preferred for domestic and commercial premises. It is a highly convenient option as it doesn't need the intervention of any human effort in operating the gate. There are different types of automatic gates and doors. Which one is suitable for your property? The answer to the question depends on the space availability, the types of features you're looking for and the price you're ready to pay for the installation of the doors. 

Consider your preferences and make the choice wisely. Here are three major types of automatic gates that can help you decide. 

Types of automatic gates and doors you can choose

Swinging gates 

Swinging gates operate based on hinges, and they swing around the premises. They swing either inward or outward at an angle of almost 90 degrees. Although they can be easily installed, they are unsuitable for small square feet. Mostly, swing gates are preferable in commercial properties. You might also see an automatic swing gate at the entrance to residential apartments. However, you'll rarely see one in a house. 

Folding gates 

As the name suggests, a foiling gate is a gate that has two joined panels that are compressed on a single side when opened and unfolded back to the normal position when the door is closed. They are easy to operate and less technological. They are also good options to save space on the property. They are affordable as well and, hence, are commonly seen in residential properties. 

Sliding gates 

Sliding gates are the ones that slide on the rollers and stand on a metal panel. They automatically glide back and forth when you want the door to open and close. With these gates, you can also get the option of auto locks. Hence, they are highly preferred by commercial clients. They are hassle-free doors the need very little maintenance. They also lend the property a contemporary look and only take up a little space. 

Automatic doors and gates are advantageous as they are convenient and reliable in case of threats and emergency services. Moreover, with the help of sliding and folding gates, you can easily save a lot of space on the property. Most of the automatic doors come with battery backup facilities. They will keep operating even if there's a power failure. 

While choosing automatic doors and gates for installation, make sure you consult on the same with a professional company.