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Use of Automatic Sensor Doors- Do They Really Matters?

Just imagine this situation: you are buying essentials from the nearby grocery store and have finished checking out. The cashier bagged up all the items, and you are moving towards the exit. You can have heavy bags in your hand, approaching a large glass door, and nothing happens there. Why did the automatic glass door not open for you? 

The automatic sensor door is very common these days, and you cannot imagine any workplace without these doorways. 

These doors empower the individuals and create a hands-free entry and exit. If you have a commercial building and manage a multi-family building, you might be looking for new ways to enhance the property's look. 

One of the best solutions is to use an automatic sensor door. 

Such gateways improve safety, bring out more convenience, and are seamless in design. You can consult a reputed Automatic Sensor Door manufacturer to install such gates in your workplace. 

How Do Automatic Doors Work?

Automatic doors have sensors that detect when the door needs to be opened. When the sensor can detect a cue in the path, it will send a signal to the door operating system. After getting the signal, the door opens. 

There are three common types of automatic door sensors present, and they are-

• Pressure sensors
• Motion detection and optical sensors
• An access control or video intercom system

How Does The Sensor Make The Door Open?

Once the sensor on the door has detected someone who needs to enter or exit from the gate, it will send a signal to the door opening mechanism. This mechanism is powered by an electric motor that generally opens the door per the type of gateway you have. 

Types of automatic sensor doors include-

1. Sliding doors- They are ideal for two-way traffic and may be hung from the overhead tracks or mounted with a track and roller.

2. Swinging doors- They are best for one-way traffic. They either open in or out, depending upon the need. 

3. Folding Doors- They are best for small entrances where the space is the main issue. They fold up to create a passageway. 

4. Revolving Doors- They are best for high-traffic areas. They enable simultaneous exit and entry of people in commercial spaces. 

The right type of door you choose for a building depends upon pedestrian traffic at the building and the space available. 

If you are looking for a trusted and reputed automatic sensor door manufacturer, you can contact SRTEC AUTOMATION. We aim to offer safe, secure and automatic solutions to clients. Get in touch with us for automatic sensor doors.