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Major Signs That Show Automatic Sensor Door Needs Replacement?

It is common for all commercial businesses to have automatic sliding doors. These doors slide automatically when someone comes in front of them. From an external usage perspective, they can sense when people are nearby. Originally, these doors had sensors to determine when they needed to be opened or closed.

According to a leading automatic sensor door manufacturer, it is very important to maintain the functionality of sensors in these doors for easy and hassle-free movement. If the sensors fail to work, the automatic doors start to malfunction.

It means that these doors will not open and close properly. Here, we will explain the major signs of automatic sliding doors malfunctioning and when they need replacing.

Automatic Door Malfunctioning Issues

1. The Door Is Not Opening or Closing

If customers are standing near the automatic sliding door and it is refusing to move, it can be a sign that a bad sensor is present in the door. The first thing you need to check is the power supply. A blown fuse and a popped circuit are the two major reasons why the door is not working.

Most doors have two automatic sliding door sensors, one on the interior and the other on the exterior of the building. If people have issues entering but leaving the establishment smoothly, the inner sensor needs to be fixed.

If people face problems from both sides, the external and internal sensors will not work.

2. The Door Opens Randomly

The automatic sliding door is made to open and close whenever someone comes near the sensor. If the sliding doors are opening and closing without any reason, it can be an issue with the sensors. The first thing you need to check is whether something else is affecting the sensor, like a flying plastic bag or a large insect. Even improper sensor maintenance can result in the automatic doors not working properly.

3. The Door Is Shutting In Front Of Customers

Another sign of an automatic door malfunction is that it starts to close too early. If the door shuts before the predefined time, you must replace the sensor immediately. Shutting the doors suddenly in front of customers can harm them.

These are some of the major signs that automatic doors need checking and that the sensors need to be changed. Consult with a reputed automatic sensor door manufacturer like SRTEC Automation, which provides the best quality automatic doors for several utilities, such as airports, hospitals, and schools. Contact the supplier now.