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Know about the Different Kinds of Road Safety Products and Equipment

Road safety products are integral to controlling and minimising road accidents. Many visible physical barriers help control the traffic flow and eventually play a crucial role in minimising the total number of fatal road accidents each year. The operatives also utilise these products to direct traffic in separate ways, mark dangerous medians, curves and mark significant areas like garages and parking lots. You can consult the reputable road safety product and best safety product dealer for high-grade products. 

The highway authorities must make all the necessary arrangements to make travelling easy and convenient. It is the best method to ensure pedestrian safety and the safety of the vehicles. Highways are accident hotspots where hundreds of commuters die every week for overspeeding, drink driving and crashes. Road barriers are other products that lower traffic congestion.

Different Types of Road Safety Products 

  1. Traffic safety cones  

These are flexible conical structures that the operatives install on different road corners to redirect traffic and the commuters in a safe direction. You can also install safety cones on the interior to demarcate specific areas as out of bounds by people. Designed for nighttime use, they have clear visibility, and you can observe them from a distance. It is important signage that warns motorists of impending danger ahead. It is a more economical option than the expensive and heavy concrete barriers on the road.  

  1. Safety barricades   

Also known as roadside barricades, the highway authorities either install them on the sides of the road or in the middle to separate two carriageways. The lighter vehicles can use one lane, and the heavier vehicles can use another. These are suitable for roads that are prone to traffic diversions and changes of route. The operatives can easily dismantle them and put them back for use in a different location.  

  1. Plastic speed brakes  

When placed on the road, this product is a signal for cars and vehicles to slow down. The civic authorities need not install any concrete speed breakers as the plastic ones are lightweight and cheap. It helps in reducing costs and efficient traffic management too.   

  1. Road crash barrier   

These are integral to road safety. When a speeding vehicle crashes into the barrier, it averts severe danger by distributing the force evenly compared to a condition where there are no barriers at all.  

  1. Flexible barriers   

Made of plastic, it consists of low profile barriers, orange cones, speed breakers etc. the traffic authorities can set them up on the roads and dismantle them whenever needed. It is a perfect choice for road designs.  

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