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Best quality Automatic Rolling Shutter / Automatic Garage Door

Motorized Rolling Shutters are easy to operate and confirm client safety . Our motorized rolling shutters and doors are factory-made in our state of art manufacturing facility .

Motorized Rolling Shutters by SRTEC are typical, are perfect for circumstances where side room is less and security is required. Our Rolling Shutters need less headroom above the structural opening. They combine strength with elegance along with toughness and are designed for both external and internal applications. Automatic Rolling Shutters are made-up of Galvanized Iron Profiles, Bright Steel Bar Rolling Grills or Perforated GI profiles. Automatic Rolling Shutters are strongly built to endorse trouble-free process and long life. The Motorized Rolling Shutters can also be planned as per customer’s conditions or conforming to IS6248.

Our Best Rolling Shutters have automatic limit sensing capability with precise Limit switch and overload , over heat protection sensor, which gives a safety and long durability .During Power failure, its easy to operate manually up / down by inbuilt chain system.