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Fire Alarm & Fire Safety

 Fire Safety product will detect & prevent you from fire. Fire safety product includes- Smoke Detector ,Fire Alarm , Fire Bucket , Fire Extinguisher , etc.....

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Plastic / Rubber Speed Breaker

Road safety product will give you the power to solve safety challenges. 


We provide best range of PVC / Plastic Speed Breaker, Road speed breaker, Reflective Speed Breaker, Speed Bumps and Road Safety Breakers with heavy load capacity and long durability. Size available = 350 x 250 x 50 mm   /   500 x 400 x 75 mm.


We provide wide range of rubberized speed breaker, safety rubber speed breaker, rubber speed bump, Rubber Speed Breakers  & bumps , heavy duty speed breaker and rubber made speed bump.  Size available = 500 x 350 x 50 mm  /   500 x 400 x 75 mm.

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Human Body Safety

Human Body Safety product will avoid the risk of being injured. Human safety product includes - Safety Helmet, Face Protect Helmet , Face Mask, Safety Goggles, Safety belt , Hand Gloves, Safety shoes , etc....

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Road / Traffic Safety Convex Mirror

We provide best range of Convex Mirror , Road safety Convex Mirror , Traffic safety Convex Mirror with long durability. Wide-angle vision of Convex Mirror permits you to see around blind corners and into hidden corners. Traffic Safety Convex Mirrors are easy to install – they are mounted simply and easily with the brackets. These Polycarbonate Convex mirrors need to be placed at strategic locations to avoid collision of vehicles.

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