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Check Out the Major Benefits of Using Automatic Revolving Doors

Revolving doors have been around for more than a century and are still used in various commercial buildings. Do you know their purpose? 

When you walk into the building, the last thing you think about is the door. Believe it or not, many factors go into choosing the right door for the building. 

Doors come in all sizes and shapes, from sliding and swinging to automatic and revolving. But they all serve the same purposeā€”to provide a barrier between two spaces. 

Though revolving doors are a luxury investment, they are highly functional and affordable solutions for various commercial establishments. In these buildings, revolving doors play an important role in regulating traffic and managing climate control. However, revolving doors come with lots of benefits that can be advantageous for users. If you want automatic doors in your commercial space, contact trusted automatic revolving door manufacturers that provide different types of doors. 

The Major Benefits of Using Automatic Revolving Doors

Enhanced Traffic Flow

Unlike swinging doors, automatic revolving doors allow continuous entry and exist. They significantly reduce congestion in highly trafficked areas. They are best for buildings with large volumes of pedestrian traffic, like airports, shopping malls, and office lobbies. 

These doors also facilitate a smooth two-way flow of traffic. They reduce the door movement that can happen with traditional doors. The automatic revolving door provides a more efficient and user-friendly entry and is available for everyone. 

They Are Highly Energy-Efficient

The automatic revolving door works as a physical barrier between the conditioned indoor air and the unconditioned outdoor air. It reduces drafts and heat transfer and minimises energy consumption for the heating and cooling system. The revolving door design also works as a sound barrier, reducing the transfer of external noise inside the building. It creates a peaceful and comfortable environment for the occupants. 

They Improve Aesthetics And Enhance Security

The automatic revolving door adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to the exterior of the building. The sleek design creates a welcoming and modern impression in the guests' minds. The modern automatic revolving doors are integrated with a security system. It further allows access control and unauthorised entry of people. 

Automatic revolving doors provide many benefits for building owners, architects, and facility managers. Want an automatic revolving door in your workplace? Contact SRTEC Automation. We offer different types of automatic doors. Visit us and check our collection.