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Automatic Revolving Door

   A revolving door typically consists of three or four doors that hang on a central shaft and rotate around within an enclosure. Not only are revolving doors incredibly energy efficient, but they also allow a large number of people to pass through. All while giving your entrance a sophisticated look.

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Trusted Automatic Revolving Door Manufacturers

Are you searching for a modern door system that possesses the perfect mechanical excellence? Invest in automatic revolving doors. Get them today from a trustworthy source like SRTEC Automation. We are a coveted name as an automatic revolving door manufacturer based in Kolkata. Our automatic doors are highly functional and can be installed at multiple facilities. These doors are made of the finest quality materials. These save a lot of money in maintenance and upkeep.

You can find our manufactured automatic revolving doors in several facilities, like:

  • Airports
  • Shopping malls
  • Metro stations
  • Factories
  • Educational institutions

Guarantee of Quality As Automatic Revolving Door Manufacturers:

Our automatic revolving doors are capable of maintaining a high influx of crowds in all areas. You can remain assured of its smooth operation and prolonged use. Being one of the leading automatic revolving door manufacturers, we use the best materials and give great importance to testing the quality of our components. This makes us one of the trusted sources among our competitors.

When choosing an automatic revolving door for your facility, you can choose its colour and style. We can offer you the best price for the material, which complies with the current market rate. To make your property more technically sound, invest in our automatic revolving doors.

Contact us for the best quality Automatic Revolving Door.