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Hand Held Metal Detector Suppliers in Kolkata

SRTEC Hand Healed Metal Detector is designed to detect all types of metals (ferrous / nonferrous) .The search coil & control modules are housed in a aesthetically designed baton. The HHMD designed for quick response & indication. Sweep the Detector over target area such a way Detector must be in Motion to detect the Metal .


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This metal detector is very effective in finding tiny metal objects that might be concealed or placed in the body cavities with utmost accuracy. Our handheld metal detector has become too common in several places where high performance is needed. At SRTEC, we deliver different detectors of various makes and models. Buy a handheld metal detector from a trusted supplier in Kolkata.

Most Popular Hand Held Metal Detector Suppliers in Kolkata

SRTEC Automation is one of the most popular names among the best hand held metal detector suppliers in Kolkata. We offer high-quality hand held metal detectors to all our clients. These tools are perfectly designed to detect any metal mass carried by an individual or even inside an object.

These detectors are handy and are used to detect weapons, detonators, or even small pieces of metal implanted in people or parcels, fabric, baggage, and so on. These metal detectors are one of the most portable types of detectors used. Buy a reputed supplier of metal detectors and streamline your tasks.

The Applications of Hand Held Detectors-

  • Military installation
  • Utilities
  • Cultural attractions
  • Data processing centers

Why Choose Hand Held Metal Detectors from SRTEC Automation

  • The detectors are light in weight
  • They provide fast detection
  • They have a comfortable grip
  • They have a large screening area

Choosing one of the best hand held metal detector manufacturers will ensure you buy high-end products. The team is highly skilled and technically updated in designing good hand held detectors. If you are searching for a metal detector, then you need to choose SRTEC Automation.