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Fire Alarm & Fire Safety

 Fire Safety product will detect & prevent you from fire. Fire safety product includes- Smoke Detector ,Fire Alarm , Fire Bucket , Fire Extinguisher , etc.....

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Plastic / Rubber Speed Breaker

Road safety product will give you the power to solve safety challenges. 


We provide best range of PVC / Plastic Speed Breaker, Road speed breaker, Reflective Speed Breaker, Speed Bumps and Road Safety Breakers with heavy load capacity and long durability. Size available = 350 x 250 x 50 mm   /   500 x 400 x 75 mm.


We provide wide range of rubberized speed breaker, safety rubber speed breaker, rubber speed bump, Rubber Speed Breakers  & bumps , heavy duty speed breaker and rubber made speed bump.  Size available = 500 x 350 x 50 mm  /   500 x 400 x 75 mm.

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Human Body Safety

Human Body Safety product will avoid the risk of being injured. Human safety product includes - Safety Helmet, Face Protect Helmet , Face Mask, Safety Goggles, Safety belt , Hand Gloves, Safety shoes , etc....

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Road / Traffic Safety Convex Mirror

We provide best range of Convex Mirror , Road safety Convex Mirror , Traffic safety Convex Mirror with long durability. Wide-angle vision of Convex Mirror permits you to see around blind corners and into hidden corners. Traffic Safety Convex Mirrors are easy to install – they are mounted simply and easily with the brackets. These Polycarbonate Convex mirrors need to be placed at strategic locations to avoid collision of vehicles.

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Get Authentic Products from Reliable Industrial Safety Equipment Manufacturer in Kolkata

SRTEC Automation is a leading industrial safety equipment manufacturer in Kolkata to ensure your complete protection at work. Being a reputed industrial safety products suppliers in Kolkata, we use certified and advanced techniques to produce all industrial safety equipment. The safety products that we manufacture are safe, durable and affordable. To keep the workers safe from head to toe, industries approach us. We have undoubtedly made a mark as one of the reliable safety equipment manufacturer in Kolkata. Our range of industrial safety products includes fire alarm and safety equipment, plastic and rubber speed breaker, Human body safety gears, Road/traffic safety convex mirrors etc. Use our safety products, and you will fall in love with them. Through our safety products, we ensure:
1. Complete comfort levels
2. Ease usability features
3. Customisable options
4. Technologically advanced designs
We stock thousands of safety products and provide prompt customer service. For all occupational health and safety concerns, SRTEC Automation is the ultimate choice. Check our website for further details.
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