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Parking Fee Management System / Parking Fee Collection System

We provide wireless fee collection system for parking with Hand Held Terminal / Hand Held POS system to manage parking areas easily. This type of system used for parking area where communication cable transmission not possible between entry and exit . Barcode / RFID card used in this application. Our Online / Offline system will provide you a superior supervision and accountability of all transaction. Highly precise and stable integration of Boom Barrier will provide a safe and accurate Entrance management system.

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Efficient Parking Fee Management System

Experience smart parking with our wireless and easy fee management system. Designed for busy commercial hubs, municipalities, luxurious residential complexes and crowded shopping malls - this system simplifies the parking process and removes the queue.

At SRTEC Automation, we manufacture and design fastag parking fee collection systems, QR code Paper tickets, wired fee collection systems and RFID card-based fee management systems for all types of customers.

What is a Parking Fee Collection system?

This is a smart system we have designed to automate and streamline the parking process, especially for crowded locations. Get in touch with SRTEC Automation and say goodbye to stressful parking processes.

By installing a fee collection system for parking on the premises, you can easily perform all parking-related tasks like fee collection, access control on all cars, and stopping unwanted entries.

Parking has become more convenient with the help of a parking fee management system.

Why Choose this System for Your Premises?

At SRTEC, you can easily collect the parking fee by installing automated parking system with fee management. We have designed this system to help you eliminate the stressful manual parking fee collection process.

Contact us for the best quality parking fee system.