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Automatic Retractable Gate

      Retractable Gates are constructed in such a way that their kinematic links are joined together to have to-and-fro contracting & expanding motion with respect to each other. They can be made available in single or two bottom rails for its expanding and retracting motion.These gates are best suited for the openings facing space constraints or do not have parking space.

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Well Known Manufacturer of Retractable Gate India

SRTEC Automation is a reliable source as a manufacturer of retractable gate India. We make retractable gates with high-quality, tensile steel and aluminium. This makes our gates highly functional and free from any kind of rust damage. If you want your facility to have a congestion-free entry and exit, our retractable gates are suitable for you.

Producing Highly Functional Retractable Gate India:

Our retractable gates come in single-rail and double-rail for seamless expansion and contraction. Though we manufacture the gates at regular height, you can customise them according to your needs. It is the perfect agent to surround a specific area. This helps in convenient operation and crowd control.

Features of Our Retractable Gates:

As a leading manufacturer of retractable gate, we can guarantee you multiple features and advantages. We point out some in the following section.

  • Our gates are suitable for the entry and exit of pedestrians
  • The gates have a unique retraction system that ensures the safety of passengers and vehicles
  • You can customise the gates in stainless steel and aluminium
  • We provide multiple designs and patterns for retractable gates

  • Make your facility more modernised with our modern-designed retractable gates in India. Consult with us today to find a gate that matches your property requirements.